OM Lx 3.03/4.0 installation with a Intel Optane device

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(Ben Bullard) #21

In this article if I am reading correctly he is talking only about using Linux with Optane SSD’s I don’t see any mention of system acceleration. Perhaps there is a reason for that.

Wait, now I’m just repeating what @abucodonosor said above. Dog on it. :dog2: I meant well.

(Ben Bullard) #22

Don’t forget that Intel has Community support. I’ve used it myself. You may even see some of my dumb ass questions there. Anyway I would ask there what other Linux users are doing with this hareware.


Yes, I’ll try.


Round this,


I meant found that…


The reference is too far beyond my limited knowledge but I can see it has no reference to optane …
It seems RST has some support on Linux via MD RAID (after intel’s contribution), maybe not widespread to the majority of Linux distributions …


There are reports of benefits in performance when optane 16GB is used as a swap partition in mainly reading use…