OM: it is rolling release, testing or stable distro?

hi there !

i’d like to know the system upgrade of this GREAT distro …

tia !

Cooker is our development branch. LX 3 (3.0) is latest stable release. 2014 was our previous stable release. There is going to be a switch to rolling release I think for the next major version release. I’ll ask and see if I can pin that down. The latest is a respin with updated packages here.

As always more information can be found in our wiki. For instance here, here, and here.

Do i need to reinstall every 6 months like Buntus ? ? ?

lookin4 somethin as rolling release BUT a stable, rock solid Linux distro

as always tia !

Yes, but OpenMandriva’s release cycle is slower.

This is going to change, as we are now able to do releases in 2-3 months cycle.

Next 3.02 release will be ready at the end of february of 2017.