Old kernel in auto-orphans list


I believe including old kernels in the auto-orphans list is dangerous. In fact, as an example, newer kernels and nvidia support are incompatible then I have to boot kernel 4.10 series to be able to use nvidia.

If I boot the kernel 4.10.13, it does not go the auto-orphan list but kernel-desktop-devel does.

I believe kernel packages did not use to be candidate to be removed in auto-orphan list in a near past. Why did it change?


I’m inclined to agee. SUSE or Fedora (or both) have/had a policy where they always automatically keep the 3 most recently installed kernels. A good policy I follow myself. Requires manual intervention on part of user.

Anything you don’t want --auto-orphans to remove you manually remove from ‘/var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list’.

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Thanks, this is much simpler than what I managed to do!