OK to Update Lx 4 Now. Notice for OMLx 4.0 Beta testers

:warning: Please notice that running updates right now may likely cause the breakage of a lot of stuff.
We currently are in the middle of big update and everything need to be rebuilt against new Qt5.

So please refrain to update your system now.

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I wonder if someone should make a ‘Comment’ about this underneath the Announcement?

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Thanks, I think we’ve done all we can reasonably do for this.

We do learn and improve as we go.

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Bump. I want this at top of the list until developers give us to OK to update.

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Grrr. too late… my graphic system is broken, now… I’m waiting for news… I’ll must update via consolle…

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Well this notice is telling us to not update until developers are done with the Qt5 upgrade/rebuild.

Forgive me for taking the liberty to change the title but users don’t seem to be getting the message.

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About a week without updating alarm from dnfdragora applet (the applet says system is up to date), I decided to try command line,

$ dnf --refresh update

It returned a list of 282 packages to udate and 2 packages to install!

After I answered “yes” to the question on “updating correct?”, lots of packages had already been downloaded but the process stopped with errors:

[MIRROR] binutils-2.32-1-omv4000.x86_64.rpm: Interrupted by header callback: Server reports Content-Length: 5602280 but expected size is: 5643240
[FAILED] binutils-2.32-1-omv4000.x86_64.rpm: No more mirrors to try - All mirrors were already tried without success

Is it important? Do I simply try again tomorrow?

No don’t update until developers tell us they are done with the Qt5/KDE and related upgrade and rebuilds.

Updating is likely to result in a FUBAR system. YMMV.

Tarde demais, infelizmente quebrou aqui

Now all is ok, I’ve updated and works fine!

English forum so please use English. If necessary you can use a translator. I do when I post on Italian or French forums.

As for your system first thing to try is simply to update again and see if that corrects things.

Post-edit: Also I changed title again to reflect current conditions.



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Is it expected that dnfdragora updates will alert for updates?

For Beta the updater was changed to plasma-pk-updates. But regardless of whichever updater is in use either should notify user if there are updates.


$ dnf --refresh update

reports 658 packages to update, but no updating alert is seen yet …

Why don’t you just update and not worry about it then? If you still have a problem after updating with a fully updated system then file a bug report.

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As per request from our developers if user believes they have a problem with their system file a bug report.

Reporting issues in these forums is OK but is unlikely to get developers attention. Especially in a case where user reports an issue buried in a thread of a different title. How would developers even know? How would anyone find it?

So moderators will keep preaching:

One issue = one thread

If you have a problem that needs to be fixed then file a bug report. A separate bug report for each issue. Yes every time. And please write a good descriptive title for your report.

All users: Please stop reporting specific problems in threads with a title different from your issue. How do you think developers/other users could find your issue? Please start a separate thread for each issue with a good, descriptive title.

Know it, learn it, believe it, use it.

Post-edit: This is also posted here.

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