OK to Update Lx 4 Now. Notice for OMLx 4.0 Beta testers

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(rugyada) #1

:warning: Please notice that running updates right now may likely cause the breakage of a lot of stuff.
We currently are in the middle of big update and everything need to be rebuilt against new Qt5.

So please refrain to update your system now.

Volunteering For Testing
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(Ben Bullard) #2

I wonder if someone should make a ‘Comment’ about this underneath the Announcement?

(rugyada) #3


(Ben Bullard) #4

Thanks, I think we’ve done all we can reasonably do for this.

We do learn and improve as we go.

(Ben Bullard) #5

Bump. I want this at top of the list until developers give us to OK to update.

(Stefano) #6

Grrr. too late… my graphic system is broken, now… I’m waiting for news… I’ll must update via consolle…

(Ben Bullard) #7

Well this notice is telling us to not update until developers are done with the Qt5 upgrade/rebuild.

(Ben Bullard) #8

Forgive me for taking the liberty to change the title but users don’t seem to be getting the message.


About a week without updating alarm from dnfdragora applet (the applet says system is up to date), I decided to try command line,

$ dnf --refresh update

It returned a list of 282 packages to udate and 2 packages to install!

After I answered “yes” to the question on “updating correct?”, lots of packages had already been downloaded but the process stopped with errors:

[MIRROR] binutils-2.32-1-omv4000.x86_64.rpm: Interrupted by header callback: Server reports Content-Length: 5602280 but expected size is: 5643240
[FAILED] binutils-2.32-1-omv4000.x86_64.rpm: No more mirrors to try - All mirrors were already tried without success

Is it important? Do I simply try again tomorrow?

(Ben Bullard) #10

No don’t update until developers tell us they are done with the Qt5/KDE and related upgrade and rebuilds.

Updating is likely to result in a FUBAR system. YMMV.

(mazinho smith) #11

Tarde demais, infelizmente quebrou aqui

(Stefano) #12

Now all is ok, I’ve updated and works fine!

(Ben Bullard) #13

English forum so please use English. If necessary you can use a translator. I do when I post on Italian or French forums.

As for your system first thing to try is simply to update again and see if that corrects things.

Post-edit: Also I changed title again to reflect current conditions.

(rugyada) #14



Is it expected that dnfdragora updates will alert for updates?

(Ben Bullard) #16

For Beta the updater was changed to plasma-pk-updates. But regardless of whichever updater is in use either should notify user if there are updates.



$ dnf --refresh update

reports 658 packages to update, but no updating alert is seen yet …

(Ben Bullard) #19

Why don’t you just update and not worry about it then? If you still have a problem after updating with a fully updated system then file a bug report.

(Ben Bullard) #20

As per request from our developers if user believes they have a problem with their system file a bug report.

Reporting issues in these forums is OK but is unlikely to get developers attention. Especially in a case where user reports an issue buried in a thread of a different title. How would developers even know? How would anyone find it?

So moderators will keep preaching:

One issue = one thread

If you have a problem that needs to be fixed then file a bug report. A separate bug report for each issue. Yes every time. And please write a good descriptive title for your report.

All users: Please stop reporting specific problems in threads with a title different from your issue. How do you think developers/other users could find your issue? Please start a separate thread for each issue with a good, descriptive title.

Know it, learn it, believe it, use it.

Post-edit: This is also posted here.

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