Nvme SSD M2 not seen by OMLx 4.0

Here the dmesg missing above
dmesg-latency_us=0.txt (92,2 Ko)

Concerning command nvme :
Doesn’t work either with Fedora
=> Works with MINT installing “nvme-cli”
First in your command you have to change _ with - beetween “id” and “ctrl”
Then, the results of the plain command or with “-v” or “–vendor” options is quite the same :
nvme-id.txt (1,5 Ko)
nvme-id -v.txt (6,2 Ko)

Hope will be satisfactory.


Thx , preparing patch for your SSD.

( BTW they really hide what Vendor that is …)


Fixed in git for now. Fix will be available after the next kernel rebuild.


Just for me to know, why I didn’t have problems with a SSD m2 (my partition /) and a intel optane ssd m2 (my swap) in OM LX 4.0 alpha1? This information may be important to help buying other SSD’s …

That has nothing to do with a ‘M2’ does not work … Some have firmware bugs , bad implepented
APIs and so on.

Workaounds of some such exists for various SATA/SAS/IDE disk as well.

That is nothing new.

Well no … You can only search for know working ones. But even then they may break when you got
as example an cheap board , or some broken BIOS.