nVidia Drivers

Thanks @adelson.oliveira. Oh I do appreciate the positive attitude! Helps me to look at things a bit more positive as well.

Good point and I hope you are correct. However I was hoping for feedback for developers to help get the process of building out-of-tree kernel modules automatically linked to a kernel release.

Yes it will only affect the next boot if inserted in the initrd. You will have to modify /etc/dracut.conf.d/50-dracut-distro.conf to include the driver. Then run dracut to rebuild the initrd. I’m interested in your setup.

Or people don’t care enough to provide any feedback.
In both cases we can be happy: or everything works like a charm, or there are no users interested to have their nvidia graphic card drivers working (adelson.oliveira excluded - thanks for your constant feedbacks)

I really not experienced with this. I opened,


and try to figure out where and how to insert bbswitch.ko.

Found this,

# always include these modules
add_drivers+=" pata_acpi ... 


$ lsmod|grep pata_acpi

return nothing.

So, how do I insert bbswitch.ko in this file?

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I forget to mention that bbswitch at github seems to more than 5 years old. Don’t know yet how to contact its developer.

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I use OMA not on daily base …
And I don’t have a recent nVidia graphic card …

But I have until now, no problems with my nVidia
Kernel: 4.16.13
Graphic card: nVidia Quadro FX 4600
Kernel Module: nvidia340-106

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This issue was noted and is discussed here.

It is extremely important for nVidia users to know what software supports which hardware or product. According to what I’m reading the 396 driver does not have the same supported products list as the 390 driver. As an example 390 supports GeForce 500 series and the 396 driver does not. There may be more so users need to be aware of this.

This does not make sense to me but it is what is published at here.

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Thank you for your explanation.
It has helped me very much.

I have Dell E6520 laptop with nVidia NVS 4200M.
I have installed nvidia340-106 kernel module via drakx11 program.
With default option.
But it works with 4.15.18 kernel only.

As I see on http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/134859/en-us page , it should work with nvidia-long-lived-390.67-1 kernel module.

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The latest nVidia drivers are now in the testing repository. Please test and report.


It should and we hope it also works with kernel 4.16.13. Please do let us know how how get on with this. Feedback helps us.


New nVidia drivers version nvidia-current-396.45 and nvidia-long-lived-390.77 available here. Both should work with kernel 4.16.13 and 4.17.x. Please test and report any issues here. Also please report if they work. That is important for us to know also.

Thanks to @Colin for providing these new packages.


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It works.

I have installed it manually.

[root@localhost mila]# uname -a
Linux localhost.localdomain 4.19.6-desktop-1omv #1 SMP Mon Dec 3 10:45:49 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[root@localhost mila]# dkms status | grep nvidia
nvidia-long-lived, 390.87-1, 4.19.6-desktop-1omv, x86_64: installed

I needed to add nokmsboot parameter into my grub.
By 3.03/Errata - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva

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