Nvidia drivers available for testing

To those of you who have nVidia hardware there are revised drivers in the cooker non-free repository.

A new naming scheme has been adopted for these drivers.
There are two versions of the current drivers nvidia-390 and nvidia-440.

The 390 series supports “Legacy” cards back as far as the GTX-480.
The 440 series supports from the GeForce GT 640.

For full lists of supported GPU’s see the included README docs.

The installation of these drivers should be automatic to a greater or lesser extent. The modesetting driver is now enabled.

:exclamation: Installing the X driver “should” pull in the nvidia dkms module.
If it does not then first install dkms-nvidia-<version> once the module is built install the xdriver.

:warning: Warning:
Your /boot/grub2/grub.cfg will be rebuilt with the following options (these are modified in the /etc/default/grub file) 'rd.blacklist.nouveau nvidia-modeset=1'

You will need to reboot to enable the nvidia kernel modules.

As a side note it is now possible to boot the machine without the xdriver installed as modesetting reverts to vesa in the absence or non-detection of the driver

I have tested the nvidia-390 build and I am using it now while writing this post.

I have been unable to test the newer driver as I don’t have the necessary hardware so if somebody could test it and give feedback this would be most helpful.
Better still if someone has a redundant later graphics card that requires the 440 driver that they would like to donate…

Please give feedback

I will make these drivers available in LX4.1 as soon as I have some feedback.

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Any updates on this? I’m literally waiting for this to use OMLx 4.1 as my main desktop.

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As far as I know, the drivers are ready and we have confirmation that they work well.
Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm their installation method (I do not have a nvidia card.) The best way to install drivers is to ask their maintainer: @Colin or wait for an official announcement.

I suspect (but that’s just my suspicion) that to install the drivers just activate the testing repository and then sudo dnf install nvidia-440

You can also try download and install packages from testing repo manually: Build list - Project openmandriva/nvidia-440 - ABF

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Welcome @Borderliner

Post-edit: I moved these packages to updates repos.

Basically adding copy and paste commands to what @AngryPenguin posted. I think the current Lx 4.1 packages were built for kernel 5.5.4 and you would need to be logged in to that kernel to install these.

I think this would work:

$ sudo dnf install nvidia-440 --enablerepo rock-updates-x86_64-non-free


For some older nvdia hardware there is also nvidia-390 package.

$ sudo dnf install nvidia-390 --enablerepo rock-updates-x86_64-non-free

We need for @Colin to announce these and explain how they work. As I understood from watching them testing these user should just install these and reboot.

Is it installable on znver1 version?


$ sudo dnf install nvidia-440 --enablerepo rock-updates-znver1-non-free


For some older nvdia hardware there is also nvidia-390 package.

$ sudo dnf install nvidia-390 --enablerepo rock-updates-znver1-non-free

and reboot.

Thank you for your instructions.
I confirm Nvidia driver works great if installed from shell as you suggested.
Unfortunately the presence in Dnfdragora of Nvidia drivers is misleading (and useless).

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