nVidia drivers available for OM Lx 4.1


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Lx 4.1

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Please let us know in this forum thread if these drivers work for you, or report issues in a new Support thread with a descriptive title and enough details/information so someone can help.

:warning: The new nvidia packages will not install with dnf dragora or Discover. They must install from command line.

@Colin has built new nVidia driver packages for OM Lx 4.1 with kernel version 5.5.12-1. User needs to know whether their hardware will work with either nvidia-440 or nvidia-390 and install the correct version for their hardware. The list for nvidia-440, the list for nvidia-390.

We just built new packages for latest Lx 4.1 kernel. So if user has x86_64 system and requires the nvidia-440 package this is how to install these packages. Be sure you are booted in to kernel version 5.5.12-desktop-1omv4001 and run these commands:

$ sudo dnf clean all

$ sudo dnf install --enablerepo rock-testing-$ARCH-non-free --allowerasing nvidia-440 nvidia-440-kernel-modules-desktop

Substitute your architecture for $ARCH, that will be either x86_64 or znver1. If your hardware needs the nvidia-390 package then substituent that where you see nvidia-440.

This command will erase any kernel versions not compatible with the nvidia packages. That is intentional.

Then reboot your system. After rebooting the command:

$ inxi -G

should tell you what graphical driver you are using. I presume that after rebooting you would then use nvidia-settings and/or nvidia-xconfig to do what ever people that use nVidia hardware do.

Note: As you can see currently the packages are in non-free/testing repository. That is why most users will need the option “–enablerepo rock-testing-$ARCH-non-free” until we move the package to non-free/updates repository.

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Important. These are proprietary drivers. That means the code in the driver software is proprietary to nVidia. OpenMandriva developers can not touch, modify, or even read this code due to legal restrictions which nVidia company takes very seriously. We can only package their code so it installs on OM Lx system. The code itself we can not fix even if we want to.

Many folks in the OM contributor group believe that nVida does not play fair with Linux distros making things especially difficult for small groups like OpenMandriva. More from the inventor of Linux here.

More on what led up to the announcement here of this software avaliability for OM Lx 4.1 users here and here.

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