Notice: Updating in Lx 4.0 is messed up (Solved)

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Updating Lx 4.0 is currently messed up due to problems with perl and some related packages. This issue is known, and reported to developers.

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There is a workaround until the idiot that did this fixes it:

$ sudo dnf clean all

$ sudo dnf -x=perl* -x=lib64perl5 upgrade

Note: The -x stands for exclude or --exclude.

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:joy: I wont complain, you deserve a meme :grin:

Hello Ben
I did some experimental troubleshooting, I removed perl packages and found that perl dependency were installed by packages quota and rsnapshot and when I try to reinstall them, they want to downgrade perl dependency hope if this might help you little to solve this issue. :metal:

Thanks for the input.

Lest anyone think I’m the brains behind I’m not. Basically I function as the village idiot. However as far as this issue goes I have not enjoyed being the idiot in front of other people…

Notice: This issue should be fixed as soon as your mirrors sync with abf-downloads.

I apologize for any inconvenience to users or package maintainers.

Any users seeing a package install or update fail because of perl* errors please report them here and we will get them corrected. This should be a simple matter of doing a rebuild in ABF.

FWIW: I don’t think there will be many packages affected by this. If I’m lucky none.

Note: Remember that dnf in OpenMandriva by default uses a mirror list. The mirror dnf uses for your location needs to be synced before these changes take affect on your system.