Not found error dsoframer-ocx

My name is Rohini Yadav, a while back I started to get this message about the not found error dsoframer-ocx, I found it dsoframer-ocx on the web but it’s confusing what to do next,
Can someone help,
Best Regards,
Rohini Yadav

Hi @Rohityadav,
welcome to OpenMandriva forum.
From your question it is not clear to me what are you trying to do with dsoframer.ocx witch look like ad add-ons for another not unix-like operative system.

Welcome to OpenMandriva and our forum. This forum is for users of OpenMandriva Linux operating systems.

We are a small group. All the contributors and developers here are unpaid volunteers.

You are welcome to talk to our developers at OpenMandriva Chat.

The first thing when a new user has an issue is to look in the documentation for OMLx. OpenMandriva wiki and Forum Resources guide.

If you don’t find what you are looking for try an Internet search (googling). One can find out a lot from documentation or forum posts at other Linux distros. If user finds something written for another distro but you have some doubt ask at OpenMandriva Chat.

For serious technical issues and package/feature requests please file a bug report here.

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IMO it’s spam or some other not legit action attempt.

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