No Login Screen


I installed OM LX3 32bit. Linux Kernel 4.6.5.
System Worked fine.
I Update the package list

urpmi.update -a

After installing Semantik System Crash.

Need your Help.



Hard to help with so little information. Based on what you provided.

# urpme semantik


Edit why 32 bit? Is it a 32 bit machine?

Motherboard G31MXP
Memory Dual channel DDR2 800/667/533 x 2 DIMMs, Max 4GB

the last bug report I filed 1991 – Login does not display. (Not this one)

Removed. rebooted, same.
So removed urpme --auto-orphans too.
no login.
So I set XFdark too. same.

Mr. Efrem knows lot of issues I had in the past.