New updates (gcc 7.2) will set me out of business


Here, OMV LX 3.02, all updates but the last one.

I would like to post this at,

but I cannot.

GCC 7.2 seems to be incompatible with GCC 6.3. I guess many packages will be broken if not rebuild.

This is a list of packages that would be removed if I apply the last update:


It seems that all packages listed in last post (but lib64gfortran3) are in contrib repositories (release + updates). Are contrib packages still to be rebuild to gcc 7.2?

This question needs to be asked on Cooker. Adelson you need to ask to get on Cooker list. Not sure who approves/adds people to Cooker list but a simple request post in English should do it.

Adelson, you’d best blacklist gcc in the urpmi skip list for the time being. I’ll’ try to rebuild those packages and see how much work is involved in fixing them.

Thanks a lot,

I’m less than a beginner in building/rebuilding. Couldn’t risk stopping my daily work trying to build a key application here.

IMHO not so much work is needed, just rebuild should work fine except for scilab.

I got some more updated dependencies for scilab I’ll try to upload in next days :slight_smile: however in my local machine it systematically fails with the errors like the following:

make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/mandian/rpmbuild/BUILD/scilab-6.0.0/modules/scicos'
make[3]: Entering directory '/home/mandian/rpmbuild/BUILD/scilab-6.0.0/modules/scicos'
File "stringLexer.mll", line 25, characters 5-17:
Error: Unbound module StringParser

it is from ocamlbuild. Contributions from OCaml (if any) are really appreciated.


Do you mean scilab 6.0? This is even more challenging. I’m afraid of trying the old scilab 5 and being not able to set my current conditions of work in a sufficiently short period of time …

I’ll try to find help on ocaml.

Thanks a lot

Nope :slight_smile:

a lapack library needed a rebuild, as it links to GCC ABI :slight_smile:

There are reports which checks for missing stuff or incompatibilities:

So far, could find the same error messages in a fedora thread (fc25). I also found a change log in fc26
where it is written (scilab 6.0.0 src rpm fc26) “rebuild for ocaml 4.0.4”. In OMV LX 3.0 we have ocaml 4.02. Is it possible that this is a ocaml problem corrected for in ocaml 4.0.4?

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I spent tons of my free time on getting scilab to work back in the days.
scilab is cool software, but maintaining it is a real pain :stuck_out_tongue:


First, many thanks for you help!

Did you succeed with new gcc 7.2? Scilab 5 or 6? Mandian has done a lot also in scilab 6 too.

Thanks again.

Last time i’ve touched scilab was in 2015. No time for this. Feel free to take care of it.

Thanks for your efforts. I’m trying too I actually but I am stopped by some broken dependencies due to the last gfortran version update (I’m on cooker because I’m trying with version 6). :frowning:. A more complete list of packages still requireing for the old gfortran library is here. Please if you have some time could you rebuild them? There is no need to upgrade version now, this may be postponed in a better moment.

Postedit: I update tesseract on github. I hope this fixes all related issues listed on repoclosure.

These are fixed already. Only lapack was the culprit here.

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I did some progress. Most probably only atlas, arpack and matio (for hdf5) should be rebuild. I uploaded the new specs on github but I haven’t had the time to test them yet.

About scilab I compiled it successfully in my local box, so I have to clean the spec before to push it into the repo. I suspect parallel compilation breaks something with Ocaml.

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Do you think there’s something I could do to help?
I think I’ll have less stress in the work these days.

Thanks a lot

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In /etc/urpmi/skip.list

there’s an example:

"… to skip Apache …
/^apache/ "

I did there,


but it seems it did not work. Updating still would update gcc if I say “yes” to it.


There should be a way to skip.list this. Could you provide a list of the gcc packages that --auto-update or --auto-select would update including lib and lib64 packages?

Edit: skip.listing package stacks like gcc, libc/glibc, or networkmanager usually require multiple entries.

That’s difficult!

When I command line urpmi --wget --auto-update I receive a list of packages that will be removed so that others can be installed, this list I post in the first post in this thread.

What I did to answer was to open MCC - install remove packages and write “gcc”, Packages in blue (to be installed) are,


I am really busy during this days, so yes i really need help with test. I’ll upload scilab in my personal repository ASAP so, if you wish help with tests, you may set up a clean vbox with my personal repository enable. I’ll warn you when scilab will be ready. :slight_smile:

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