New packages/frequency


How often Openmandriva repositories (testing also) are updated?


This is me speculating:

I’m not aware of any rule about how often packages are updated. Not only for OpenMandriva but any Linux distro.

As far as I know packages are updated by a combination of when there is a new version upstream or something to fix or add and a developer or package maintainer that has time to do this. Anyone paying attention can see we don’t have enough of either to do this with all packages. The Contrib and Restricted repositories (community maintained) is where you’ll find the most packages not well maintained. Some haven’t been touched in years. I know there are packages like Chromium that are considerably out of date at this time.

Also for packages that do originate with OpenMandriva I know of no rule about how often they are to be updated. As far as I know it’s a combination of when there is something to fix or to add and when the developer of that package has time to do it.

That being said our dedicated developers and package maintainers do a great job of keeping us up to date on the most important packages. Very up to date in fact. Most of the basics of Lx 3.0 are very up to date.


I’ve bee waiting for updates in testing repositories for packages flightgear and julia.
Flightgear is currently a set of three packages: flightgear itself, flightgear-data and simgear. Flightgear-data and simgear were in testing repos and now has been moved to contrib/updates without the main, essential package flightgear. This is weird.
Julia has had a pull request by TPG a few days ago and has not appeared at testing repos so far.

Still looking forward news on this two packages.

Flightgear is already publised. It was my mistake as i forgot to publish it.
Julia package does not build, and i do not know how to fix it nor have time for it.

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