New OM-Welcome needs testing

It’s version 2.0.7-1 and you can find it here.

Let us know what you find here. Here it works, opens from Application Launcher which has been broken and looks great.


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Thanks to rugyada, TPG, and bero for their work on this fantastic upgraded package! :grin:

I sincerely hope it makes it into Lx 3.02 release.


yes it is there


Ok. OM-Welcome works on my system. it crashed in 3.0.

Better OM-Welcome has a fix size. now Full screen, … can be done.

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A couple of days ago, it was released a “fork” for the Mandriva Control Center. It was called om-control-center. What makes om-welcome different from om-control-center?

PS: For some reason, MCC says om-control-center is installed, rpm -qa|grep om-control-center does not show anything. Since I can no longer launch om-control-center (why?) I used MCC to uninstall and reinstall om-control-center. It still is not seen in a rpm -qa|grep om-control-center (???). Then, although MCC keeps saying it is installed, I reinstalled it using,

$ urpmi om-control-center


If you have it installed you’ll see this:

$ rpm -qa | grep om-control-center

otherwise it isn’t installed. Could you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing in MCC?

I was also confused. It is in cooker repository.
It looks very nice. Its main advantage is that it is designed to use tools from different sources (drak and kde tools). Therefore, it will be more easier to maintain and develop at the price of a slight visual incoherence.
It might be time to summarize the small bugs that are are still there (yes it’s a 0.0.3 version). For example, after a quick glance:
– “configure a SMB share” points to /usr/sbin/draksambashare instead of /usr/bin/draksambashare
– the server config tools call drakwizard which is not installed by default
– other things which need to be more precisely described

It was in cooker :slight_smile: , now om-cc is in contrib/updates (and new om-welcome is in main/testing at time of writing).

It might be time to summarize the small bugs that are are still there (yes it’s a 0.0.3 version).

Yes. Although let’s try not to mix the reports against the 2 different apps :wink:
Should we open a new separate topic for om-control-center? imho yes.

Also, let’s keep in mind that om-cc is currently WIP, in “beta” stage, we still need to check what we must have in it and/or what we must/may drop if any.

Oma welcome instead is already long time well cared and maintained tool, and needs just testing as-is ::grin:
We may want to go through the Applications listed on OM-Welcome and see which ones do/don’t work. [cit.Ben]

Credits for their development go to: Crisb, Luca, Bero, TPG, Davide - and rugyada :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ( in a random order, everyone contributed for his/her part. IIRC, hope I did not forget anyone)

Thanks everyone for their feedbacks.

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Argh! Contrib … yes! :upside_down:


The screen shot (how to post it without an attachment?) would just show the package om-control-center as installed (I’ve just checked it again).

I apologize for it but I cannot reproduce it again. I’ve uninstall,

$ urpme om-control-center

Then I installed it again using MCC. Checked with,

$ rpm -qa|grep om-control-center

and it returned om-control-center 0.0.3.

Thus, I’m afraid I’ve done a silly confusion with the two computers I have. Possibly checking with MCC in one computer and calling om-control-center in a ssh’ed konsole command line. Sorry for that.

How to show images?
Just drag and drop.

About OM-Welcome it is not fully translated in all languages, how it can be translated? What about open a post with instructions in localized section of the forum so people can contribute?

It seems veeeery promising, good work.
Just a request: in “network” window I don’t see any icon to manage netprofile, please add.

I have a clue, there are some .po/.pot files in /usr/share/oma-welcome (but I have only english language installations)
but need to check before to write something incorrect.[quote=“mandian, post:13, topic:1081”]
What about open a post with instructions in localized section of the forum so people can contribute?


Also in French forum there is a similar topic.

Seems like a good idea. As a distro we need help with languages/translations. I’m an (US) English only person with a smattering of Ebonics knowledge so am not much (or any) help on this.

One serious humongous gargantuan problem in OM-Welcome. It is using the old, doesn’t work (at least not here), Network Center (drakx-net) to Configure internet instead of NetworkManager. This will lead to no end of user complaints like this.

Edit: Bug report started:
2124 – OM-Welcome using deprecated Network Center (drakx-net) to configure internet.

This bug is fixed in OM-Welcome version 2.0.8-1-omv2015.0. It can be found in Main Testing repo here.

Thanks to bero for fixing so fast. Thanks to reporting by tantrik for discovering this issue.

Here’s another something not working:

$ om-welcome
/usr/share/oma-welcome/apps/ line 1: /usr/bin/system-config-printer: No such file or directory

It needs ‘system-config-printer-gui’ installed to work.