New kernel 4.11 = No nvidia

Again, a new kernel is released and dkms nvidia doesn’t build. This is not to ask for support since it is likely that nothing can be done before a new nvidia or a new kernel is made available. This is just to report disappointment.

If you have the nVidia 340.102 version…

What I have done…
Boot with a previous kernel
Make a copy of /usr/src/nvidia340-340.102-1/
Get the patch from here:
Unpack the attachment and copy to /usr/src/
Replace in this patch file: kernel/ with nvidia340-340.102-1/
Apply this patch: patch -p0 < nv_patch_340.102_linux_kernel_4.11
Answer each question with: n
Build & install the kernel-module for kernel 4.11
dkms build -m nvidia340 -v 340.102-1 -k 4.11.0-desktop-3omv
dkms Install -m nvidia340 -v 340.102-1 -k 4.11.0-desktop-3omv


For other nVidia version you have to find the right patch

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Thanks MauRice, I’ll check for a proper patch.

Rugyada, I use to post at the support category. I just thought this would not have a support available, I was wrong as MauRice has shown!

Thank you both.

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