New kernel 4.11 and no nvidia again, there are patches but not "legal"


OMV LX 3 with KDE with all updates. Kernel 4.11 and nvidia 378.13.

Nvidia drivers 378.13 cannot build with new kernel 4.11. There are patches for the nvidia drivers (see topic New kernel 4.11 = no nvidia at English category) as pointed out by MauRice. It seems that this patches are more like a workaround since it implies not following nvidia-drm as can be seen at,


It can also be found at the links above references for a future kernel patch.

I guess, to comply with law restrictions, one should wait on kernel patches, isn’t it?


Adelson Oliveira,

If you use your PC/Laptop only for personal use.
Patch the nVidia 378.13 driver.

Otherwise, if your nVidia VGA card is not the hottest/newest …
You can use the nVidia 340.102 driver.

Yes and no. I do work with my computers.
Meanwhile, there’s the workaround of booting the older kernel

Thanks any way

I have the same problem with the newest kernel-release-desktop-4.11.1-1omv kernel.
I have to use the kernel-release-desktop-4.10.13-2omv kernel for my Dell E6520 laptop with the Nvidia NVS 4200M video card.


The nVidia NVS 4200M is also supported by the nVidia 340.102 driver.

I don’t have a nVidia VGA card that use the 378.13 driver, but…

The attached patch compile with kernel 4.11.1
The ‘License’ paragraphs are removed of the original patch:

Dowload and unpack and follow ‘New kernel 4.11 = No nVidia # 2’:

378.13-1.patch.xz (4.4 KB)

A picture that the kernel-modules are build through DKMS:

Just updated kernel to 4.11.1. According to,

new kernel 4.11.1 should be OK with nvidia. However, it did not happen here: building failed.

MauRice, new patch is now OK with drm, right? Is it compatible with new kernel 4.11.1?



With the patch the nVidia 378.13 (current) DKMS built the four kernel-modules.
nVidia 340.102 has only two kernel-modules.
I don’t have a VGA card that wotks with this nVidia version.
I can’t test it, sorry.