New glibc/libc package stack available for testing

Many of you know we had a recent glitch with the glibc package stack version 2.26-4. Unfortunatly that also removed existing glibc package stack version 2.25 from main-updates repo. That leaves us with only the outdated 2.23 version in main-release repo.

So as quickly as we could do it right our developers (thanks @TPG) built a new glibc package stack version 2.26-6. The packages are here.

Please if you are at all interested in package testing set up an account here so you can help us with the package approval process.

Colin and I both have tested new glibc and it’s working for us so far.

Hopefully we can get some people testing and voting in Kahinah and get this in main-updates ASAP if all proves to be OK.

What I learned with this issue there is not a way to boot the system to emergency shell (I mean the one before the real system starts). The only way I found is select a wrong partition for root parameter at the boot command line. :confused:

No there isn’t. The only way to fix this is to access the broken operating system from another operating system or from a ‘Live’ or ‘Rescue’ disk.

Well, I did as I described above … :wink:

Well there is a way to break into the emergency shell with a proper command. If you add rd.break to the grub cmdline the iniird will exit to a basic busybox shell just before it tryies to mount the main filesystem.
Check out ‘man dracut,cmdline’

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Great! Thank you @Colin. It is exactly what I was looking.