New Cooker/OM Lx 4.3 Preview ISO's

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OpenMandriva developer team has produced new Cooker ISO’s. These represent a preview of upcoming OM Lx 4.3 release. Careful though as these ISO’s use Cooker repositories. Cooker is our development branch. Sometimes things are broken in Cooker. Users should also maintain a more stable OS for production work such as Rolling or Lx 4.2. Perhaps install these on a separate partition or in virtual machine such as VirtualBox or Qemu. Or just boot the ISO ‘Live’ to have a look around.

x86_64 Plasma desktop (Build 396)

znver1 Plasma desktop (Build 397)

Been playing with the x86_64 ISO for 2 days. Generally my experience has been very good. The distribution feels solid, stable and responsive! So far, I’ve only caught two things:

  • the long-standing bug with missing country flags for keyboard layout switcher in Plasma (I can live with it since I prefer text labels instead)
  • Cooker repository sometimes throws unresolved dependencies. For instance, right now I cannot install Krita (nothing provides I believe is a Cooker thing…

As for the rest, I’m looking forward to get the stable 4.3 some day. I’m not a fan of the rolling release model since there is no use in constant updates of what’s been working fine (IMO).
Again, big thanks to the OMV team!

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@Zeffanyx thanks for the feedback.

:arrow_up: Links updated 2021-10-02

The latest ISO’s build 396 and 397 installed in VBox. Also checked that they boot Legacy and UEFI on hardware.

In VirtualBox EFI boots to uefi interactive shell but they boot if you know how to use the shell. Note: Once you install the Cooker system it will boot normally this only applies to running the ISO media.
Cooker/Lx 4.3 ISO’s EFI boot to shell in VirtualBox bug report

system-config-printer is not working. system-config-printer works not bug report.

Otherwise things seem to be MOGA. (Make OpenMandriva Great Again!)

This applies to current all Cooker/Rolling/OM Lx 4.3 ISO’s. Also it applies specifically to OM’s own virtualbox-6.1.26-1. As I recall the issue will be the same in Oracle VirtualBox.

The workaround to boot OM Lx ISO’s in VirtualBox from uefi interactive shell:

  1. At the prompt type FS1: and hit enter

  2. At the prompt type EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi and hit enter (Note: those are backward slash not forward slash, it matters)

Screen-shot of the procedure:


Hint: If you were trying to Legacy boot and got the uefi interactive shell you want to type FS0: to get to the files for that.