New at Linux

Hello everyone. My name is Junior and i’m super lost :slight_smile:

I hope I can have an assistance by my side cuz I have a lot of doubts.

First: How can I Install things? tar.gz, .dev

I tryied everything for 2 days and I can’t even install gzip proper to unzip things.

I have this issue with install steam as well. Something about 32lib.

If you understand what I am saying and can help please be my guest.


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With Linux you don’t usually download programs from websites on the internet like you do with Windows. You have to install the programs available in the repositories.

OK, I’ll start with the most important advice first.

Learn the operating system you are trying to use first.

Do things one at the time. Any computer is complex and when you start changing things it can and does at times affect other things in ways unintended.

OpenMandriva documentation is perhaps not the best but what we have is in our wiki or here. One can also learn a lot simply by doing an internet search. For instance for general Linux knowledge you could search for a Linux beginner tutorial.

Depends on which version of OpenMandriva you have which you have not told us.

.dev? Huh, you mean .deb? OpenMandriva is well known as a RPM distro so package files in OpenMandriva repositories are .rpm files.

To much information perhaps: .deb is something entirely different and is package management used by Debian and Debian centric distros like Ubuntu and I think Linux Mint. So .deb package files don’t get installed here unless you rebuild them in to .rpm’s. RPM (Redhat Package Manager) is package management used by, yep you guessed it Redhat as well as Fedora, openSUSE and OpenMandriva among many others.

First read the documentation of the specific software you are trying to install to catch any important details. Also you should search the internet for something like “Linux how to install tar.gz packages”.

Hoping this is in some way helpful.

:hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

I guess is it LX 3?
The LX 4 beta works a lot better with steam, its will boot, but because of missing nvidia\AMD drivers i guess its better to play on ubuntu\windows if games is most important.

AMD drivers = mesa drivers. Mesa working fine with AMD and Intel gpu. AMD recommending for gaming on Linux mesa drives. BTW. Canonical on Ubuntu for AMD and Intel gpu delivers also MESA drivers. So?
NVIDIA drivers? NVIDIA has bad drivers. They do not create about Linux or opensource. They don’t even help with open graphics drivers. They just do not care. Same as with the support for Optimus.

The only good way is download binary drivers. We will try to deliver them in the future.
Until then, who wants to use proprietary drivers for NVIDIA GPU should install it manually from the manufacturer website.

In Linux for most things we use packages from repository. So In OpenMandriva cases .rpm files.

To install it in OpenMandriva LX3 you need:

sudo urpmi packagename

for example

sudo urpmi firefox

For new release OpenMandriva LX4 we use DNF. So package installation is different.

sudo dnf install packagename

for example

sudo dnf install firefox

In tar.gz in most of cases we see sources files. To install them, you will need to compile them first.

There are exceptions like Mozilla. They provides Firefox on its website in the form of .tar.gz archive which only needs to be unpacked and afer you need only run .firefox file\

How to install steam? See here:

How to install steam? See here: Error installing steam

Hi did you test it with LX 3?
Its still the same isssue that i had before:

Warning couldn’t set locale error.
Couldn’t set up the steam runtime are you running on low diskspace?
Press enter to continue.

AMD drivers = mesa drivers. Mesa working fine with AMD and Intel gpu. AMD recommending for gaming on Linux mesa drives. BTW. Canonical on Ubuntu for AMD and Intel gpu delivers also MESA drivers. So?

I think you should test doom and vulcan see if that works nice with AMD or intel GPU.
I get a lot of issue with, nvidia works much better. But yes i can be issue with kernel and nvidia and SLI.

Hello Junior!

The tar.gz and .deb files you are seeing online are both software, however the .deb files are actually compressed directories which contain all the of the software’s binaries, and are simply bundled in order to allow Ubuntu or Debian Linux distributions to open and install them with a click of a button using their “apt” package manager. OpenMandriva does not use the APT package manager, instead using one called DNF (google fedora DNF) which handles .RPM files.

As for the tar.gz files you are finding, these too are simply compressed files with the software’s code (compiled binaries usually). Unlike windows, on linux you often have to give a program (or file) permission to execute, be read, written to, etc. The difference with these tar.gz downloads is that they aren’t for use in a package manager, but rather your supposed to simply download them, extract them, and make either A: The installer contained (ending in .sh, .py, .jar, etc) or B: The program binary, executable (lookup the command chmod +x … Side note: You can also usually make a program executable through your desktop environment of choice in Linux by right clicking the file in the file browser and marking it executable).

So while you can indeed install software from a website in Linux, and sometimes might only be able to do just that (aka: software not found in the repository of your distro), it’s generally recommended to get the software from your distribution’s package repositories first, as it’s not only safer (the packages are generally vetted for stability and security), but also easier.

You can also choose to use snap packages or flatpaks (flatpak org), which are just a alternative to your distro’s repositories (packages from these locations are usually sandboxed, can be more up to date sometimes, and are self-contained so that they can be installed on any distribution you choose). But i wouldn’t worry about that right away.

Something to note: Unlike windows, OpenMandriva (or whatever Distribution your using) isn’t really the operating system, but rather a bunch of software customized and bundles with their own tools and repositories (and whatever version of the Linux kernel they bundle 5.1 for example vs 5.0 or 4.19). The “operating system” GNU/Linux is the kernel and software underneath (such as the compiler for example), which run the computer and do most of the heavy lifting. I think this is an important distinction to draw, because if something isn’t working on one distribution, switching to another can sometimes fix the issue (stuff breaks on Linux too unfortunately).

I’m more than willing to answer any further Linux questions you have in a PM. I’m far from a expert myself though.

Welcome to OpenMandriva forum @Izaic.

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