My first mailing list thread

(Raphaël) #1

Well let’s try something simple first

(rugyada) #2

Replying to the something simple thread.

(Raphaël) #3

Thanks Rugyada, I can then see that Mailing lists are working

(rugyada) #4

Yes, I got it either now as mailing list.
And now I’m replying through ml message.

Let’s see :slight_smile:

(Raphaël) #5

Working :scream: We should try this instance first, even try to broke it :smile:

If it’s ok I’ll rebuild it for more wide use

@rugyada btw you can initiate a new thread in this category (infra) by writing to

(rugyada) #6


What I find super ok, is that posts don’t publish last email quote,
that is the piece of text I’m replying to.

(rugyada) #7

But I’m seeing that other pieces of text after quoting something, is not published.
(This is about reply by email)

(rugyada) #8


This is for link testing.

(Raphaël) #9

In fact there is some tuning to do, maybe there are different way to make
the presentation.


Hi there,
this is my first post and I’m a bit confused by this new interface but I think I should be able to adapt myself … :wink:
One thing to notice: even with my slow internet connection, the pages seem to be very reactive. Good point!


(Wayne Sallee) #11

Hi there. :slight_smile:

Wayne Sallee

(Wayne Sallee) #12

Hi here.

Wayne Sallee :stuck_out_tongue:

(Wayne Sallee) #13

Does not show who you are replying too.

Wayne Sallee

(Raphaël) #14

Replying to JCL, to see what it does

(Raphaël) #15

@WayneSallee yes it does, on the upper right part of the message, and even the messages with replies can be showed. See for example the first message you wrote which has two replies

(rugyada) #16


(Raphaël) #17

20 characters is certainly far too few…