Move from Cooker to LX 4.0 repositories


I have been using the cooker repositories on my machine to get the latest packages while LX 4 was in development. Now that it is out I would like to switch to the LX 4 repositories from the cooker ones. Will this happen automatically or do I need to do something? If something needs to be done, what is it and how do I do it?

Thanks and congratulation on the release of LX 4.

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Theoretically, the downgrade from cooker to stable should not be carried out. But it is still quite early and Cooker is not much different from 4.0 - so I suspect that this is possible.

Open om-repo-picker and change repository from cooker to stable 4.0.
Then in konsole run as root: dnf clean all && dnf distro-sync


Thanks for your help. I had an option of Release, Rock, Rolling or Cooker. Release failed to sync the repositories, but Rock worked fine. This sound like it will give me the latest stable release which is fine.

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Thanks for your reply that helps us and lets us know something we need to work on. Reports like this are so valuable for a small all volunteer group as we are.