Most recent OM Lx 4.0 Beta ISO (2019-04-07)

(Ben Bullard) #1

For anyone interested or in need of for testing the latest OM Lx 4.0 Beta ISO is in what I hope is a shareable link here.

That is a folder that includes the ISO file, sha1sum, md5sum, and build.log.


  1. There was something incorrect done with the build file and the naming of the ISO is different from our normal conventions. So when ABF built the ISO it was labeled by ABF as build ID 2448 but on the grub2 menu it will say something else. By our normal naming convention this is thus build ID 2448. This matters for testing as when reporting problems with the ISO we need to know exactly which ISO is being reported.

  2. LibreOffice was left off of the ISO because it does not build everything correctly that requires java support. After installation of the ISO user can manually install LO and for me anything I normally use actually does work. So I think this only affects LO data base stuff. To install LO:

$ sudo dnf install libreoffice

There was a problem with ABF a few days ago and ISO’s aren’t available on ABF now. The problem itself has been fixed (as I understand it) and ABF guru’s are in process of restoring the various components and projects, ect.

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OK to upgrade OM Lx 4.0 or Cooker now