Most recent Cooker ISO's (updated 2020-07-11)

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Updated 2020-06-20

Note: Both ISO’s worked on hardware, znver1 works in VBox. To install x86_64 in VBox I had to keep restarting sddm.service until desktop worked. x86_64 installed system in VBox requires downgrade of virtualbox-guest-additions to version 6.1.6. YMMV. See bug reports in next post.

The most recent Cooker ISO’s are:

Cooker ISO x86_64 3304

Cooker ISO znver1 3303

Cooker is OpenMandriva development platform. As such it is where developers do some of their work. This work can and does lead to things being broken sometimes. If you can’t handle this Cooker is not for you. If you don’t like problem solving and are not comfortable with the command line don’t use Cooker.

Cooker users: Always maintain another stable operating system on another partition or elsewhere for production work.

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Updated 2020-06-21

Known Bugs:

Cooker VBox VM’s start only sometimes

Intermittent plasma desktop crash VBox x86_64

Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.18.90 (Cooker)

Change to mount point in KDE Partition Manager are not written to /etc/fstab (ALL OM Lx versions)

OM-Control-Center does not work with Wayland (Cooker)

After cp cooker to rolling distro-sync does not create initrd or boot entry for latest kernel (Rolling)

grub2-editor (kcm_grub2) “Failed to save GRUB settings.” DBus backend error. (ALL OM Lx versions)

Issues when creating issues in bugzilla

Samba works not
If you know of any other bugs please let me know in a PM. With your help we will try to keep the known bugs list mostly up to date.

If you encounter an issue with Cooker and need help:

Look for answer to your problem here or here first. The wiki is a work in progress and will get more complete over time. Also search forum and internet. Then if you don’t find anwer go to the following.

Post in Development Testing with a descriptive title. Forum help is users helping other users.

For more serious or technical issues post a bug report in OpenMandriva issue tracker. Any issue that needs help from developers needs to go here.

Thank you for sharing the links and taking time to always answer my questions
Yepp. i noticed the black screen too. The system booted up but it ended up in a black screen ;-(
So i ll have to wait or maybe ill try the rolling version

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Today the workaround is working again. Downgrade ‘lib64qt5network5’ to ‘lib64qt5network5-5.15.0-0.beta1.1’. And desktop mostly is working.

Developers obviously are working on this but the “real” problem is elusive at present. It is thought to be related to sqlite. But also apparently has something to do with qt5 or relationship between splite and qt5.

As of the latest ISO’s on 2020-03-10 (# 3198 and 3199) most of the plasmashell and desktop issues are resolved. The only issue I am aware of at present is that you still can not edit the menu panel. You can edit Application menu just not the menu panel at the bottom of your desktop.

Post-edit: Graphic rendering for OM-Welcome and OM-Control-Center is still borked. There is supposed to be a fix in upcoming QT WebEngine packages.

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Fixed \o/

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Updated 2020-03-12 10:15 UTC

Updated 2020-04-29

First three posts updated today 2020-04-29.

First 2 posts updated 2020-06-20.

Post-edit: Second post with bug list edited 2020-06-21 to remove:

Dolphin crash at launch (Cooker)
The bug report is now RESOLVED/FIXED.

Progress continues on development for OM Lx 4.1 Alpha release. These ISO’s will give anyone interested a very good snapshot of where development stands at this time.

For the short term problems persist for most everyone trying to use Cooker as a VBox host system. There are also problems with latest versions of virtualbox-guest-additions for guest machines. Developers are of both issues and are working on this and hope to resolve this soon.

There are 2 new ISO’s built without VirtualBox packages virtualbox-guest-additions and x11-driver-video-vbox. User would likely want to add to VBox guests the 6.1.6 versions of these package from the link here.

These are the most recent Cooker ISO’s as of 2020-07-11:

Cooker x86_64 ISO 3341

Cooker znver1 ISO 3346

Post-edit: I forgot to state that I did test both ISO’s in VirtualBox and on hardware. My current Cooker hardware systems are installed from these ISO’s on 2 computers. Tested to boot, install, and reboot in to installed operating system.