Mirrors not updated for 9 days?

We have mirrors not being updated. See here. As of this morning 2 of the mirrors are updating and the rest have not updated for 9 days. Do we have anyone that can take a look at this? Like maybe @jclvanier or @raphael?

Users need to be aware of this and adjust accordingly. For one using mirror list may be broken and users may need to use a specific mirror.

There is a concern or question that if everyone switches to one of the 2 that are updating maybe they will be over loaded?

Hi Ben,
I think the issue comes from one of our T-1 mirror: Index of /openmandriva/
The file TIME is dated September 3rd.
It seems that the most part of the OMA mirrors are synchronized with it.
The other T-1 mirror, Index of /openmandriva/, seems ok.
I suggest that people having trouble to add one correct mirrors to their media tiil the issue will be fixed.
Btw, 5 mirrors are ok now.

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For what I know, @fedya contacted Yandex so that they update our authorized IP to the new one.

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Thanks, there is progress being made. User just need to consult Mirmon before adding their own repos until this gets squared away.

And we continue to suggest to users that if you’re using 64 bit repos don’t keep 32-bit repos enabled. Only enable them if you are installing some retro package that requires something 32-bit.

Currently we have ALL 32bit repo enabled by default in fresh install (except /restricted).
IMO they have to be instead disabled by default.


Well that isn’t going to be changed for Lx 3 because they can’t make any new Lx 3 ISO’s or so I think I was told. Besides have we been requesting this for the required 2 years before a change can be made?
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Post-edit: I wish that were the only thing on our ISO’s that either could or should be different. Like a couple of things with the LXQt desktop for instance. But it takes a lot of asking… and more asking… and…

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Sure, I’m not speaking of Lx 3. But there will be repositories set by default in 4.0 as well I guess…

Yes, requested many times. No change.
I’d really like to know if there is any reason preventing it. If not, I’d like to know why it has not been done yet.

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I really hope we get this done on Lx4.

At one time, and this goes back to Mandriva/Mandrake, 64-bit repos were installed with only main32 and main32-updates enabled. In those days there were a few packages that were in main32 that weren’t in main 64-bit repos, as I recall they were typically noarch packages. That is not the case today.

Now I’m told that there are no packages needed on a 64-bit system that aren’t in the 64-bit repos. The only reason for 32-bit repos (on a 64-bit system) is for dependencies if user installs 3rd party 32-bit only software.

(This means that all noarch packages are in both 32-bit and 64-bit repos so no 32-bit repo needed for noarch packages anymore.)


Yandex mirror has just been updated. The other mirrors should be updated soon (a couple of hours I guess).


Thanks @jclvanier. All mirrors except New Caledonia appear to be updated so this issue is largely resolved.

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Thanks @jclvanier (and @fedya for sorting it out)

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No thanks for me. I just gave some infos.