Mirrorlist broken

Currently can’t do a 3.02 install without this error:

Also can’t install mirrorlist repos:

# urpmi.addmedia --distrib --mirrorlist
trying again with mirror http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/openmandriva.org/openmandriva.3.0/repository/x86_64/
...retrieving failed: aria2 failed: exited with 4

unable to access the distribution medium (no media.cfg file found)
unable to add medium

Perhaps the problem is a typo in the above URL? It should be:


There is a . where should be a /.

This should be fixed. On one computer I had to remove 2 files to get things to work again:



Here, two computers. The laptop can update system with no problem. The desktop can’t.
Basically the same error reported at this topic.

An attempt to add new repos in MCC yields,

" Can’t add media, Reported errors:

…search failed: aria2 failed: error code 3
unable to access distribuition media (media.cfg not found)

Mídia: Einsteinium3.0- ()"

Ben79, which repos did you erase to have everything working again?

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I meant regular updates, with

$ urpmi --wget --auto-update

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Didn’t erase repos, erased these files:


Thanks, it worked for me too.

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Same here. Remove this file solve issue.

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user @albpanig discovered another issues in mirror list here. In this case the file http://downloads.openmandriva.org/mirrors/openmandriva.3.0.x86_64.list has the wrog address but the one in the status of OMA mirrors is correct.

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the lists are generated by a couple of scripts that I tried to improve last week. I left an error and the urls (for 3.0) of the mirrors were wrongly written. I fixed the scripts but for a reason I don’t understand very well, the base list of the mirrors, used to generate the lists for each version, was corrupted.
I just rebuilt this base list and verified every url. The shouldn’t remain typos now. If not, please let me know.
With my apologies.


So fast! Thank you!

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Yes indeed! Thanks JCL. :grinning:

Fichier mirrors.cache renommé en __mirrors.cache puis supprimé l’original, donc voici le contenu partiel :slight_smile:


      'http://downloads.openmandriva.org/mirrors/openmandriva.3.0.x86_64.list' => {
                                                                                    'list' => [
                                                                                                  'arch' => 'x86_64',
                                                                                                  'longitude' => '165.5',
                                                                                                  'url' => 'ftp://mirror.lagoon.nc/pub/openmandriva.3.0/repository/x86_64/',
                                                                                                  'country' => 'New_Caledonia',
                                                                                                  'bw' => '**1GB**',
                                                                                                  'version' => '3.0',
                                                                                                  'latitude' => '-21.5',
                                                                                                  'proximity' => '167.32810637311',
                                                                                                  'proximity_corrected' => '170.512973576631',
                                                                                                  'city' => 'Nouméa',
                                                                                                  'type' => 'distrib'

Ce n’est pas la porte à côté, et en plus Bandwidth = 1 Gigabytes.
Heureusement qu’il n’y a pas de dépôts dans Andromède (2 000 000 année-lumière)!
Merci pour les réponses

Le fichier régénéré contient notamment :slight_smile:

Paris bw=1GB
NL bw=10GB
DE bw=10GB (Esslingen)

Quand jcl a généré ces fichiers, il devait probablement observer la galaxie Andromède avec son télescope à objectif de 75cm!

I don’t understand what’s the question. The file mirrors.cache is a kind of translation of the data contained in the mirrors list and sorted by distance between the servers and the declared zone of the host (a rough geolocation).

Je ne comprends pas quelle est la question. Le fichier mirrors.cache est une sorte de traduction des données contenues dans la liste des miroirs et triées selon la distance entre les serveurs et la zone déclarée de l’hôte (une géolocalisation approximative).

Ciel, aurais-je été Persée à jour ?

Damn, would I have been “seen through” ? (untranslatable French pun).