Microsoft Will Acquire Coding Site GitHub

This will make happy people…

Yes – we definitely need to have backup plans at the very least.

Fortunately this is no longer the Ballmer/Gates Micro$oft (in which case I’d suspect they’re buying it in order to shut it down without advance notice so they can destroy a vital part of their competition’s ecosystem).

With the new M$, I think it’ll keep running and they probably won’t even make it crash all the time by trying to make it run on Windoze - but nevertheless I don’t think we can trust them and we need to make sure we have backups of everything kept there as well as the possibility to switch to something else without too much downtime.

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I also think about things Microsoft bought that became crap after: Skype, Linkedin…

Indeed :sweat_smile:

Unlike a lot of people in Linux world I don’t trust or distrust Microsoft any more or less than other US multi-nation corporations. They all have a tendency to value share holder value and the salaries of their top executives over the best interests of their customers and the citizens of the countries in which they operate.

That said seems @raphael has a good point about their touch of excrement :poop: regarding open source projects. :monkey_face:

And @bero has a good point that we need to start discussing what, if anything, to do.

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OT: Yats are people from the 3rd Ward in New Orleans. Refers to their manner of speaking which sounds exactly like the accent of Brooklyn, New York. And they were settled at about the same time with the same mix of immigrants. The term comes from how they say “Whereyat” for “Where are you at”. :rofl:

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sounds like normal speech to me …LOL but I’m from Missouri , what can I say …Ha Yall do’n :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Some day, if I go to the USA, I’d really like to meet you all to speak about your way of speaking.
But I have to improve my own way of speaking first …

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You have to understand the Local vernacular of the region you are visiting.
when greeting a group of people with the phrase " How are You all doing " in the south it is cut short to " Ha Yall Do ’ n " or sometimes " Howdy " , or" hello . how are you ".

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