MATE desktop on OMLx 3.03

Users wishing to get MATE desktop on OMLx 3.03, they can do it thank to @mandian and his own personal repository.

Please enter the following commands in a root console

urpmi.addmedia --no-verify mandian_personal
urpmi.update -a
urpmi task-mate openmandriva-mate-config

Please note that MATE desktop currently is not (yet :slight_smile: ) officially supported.
The present call is intended for testing purpose.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


Recent activity from @mandian. I believe I see new mate packages in contrib testing repo. Wondering if they are also being built for Cooker/Lx4?

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Yes, I am refreshing MATE packages in parallel both in 3.0 (version 1.18, the same as in my personal repo) and Cooker (version 1.20). But I have’t finished yet.


Good job !

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Good to know, currently task-mate in Lx 3 looks like it installs a mix of 1.14 and 1.18 packages.

task-mate.txt (9.0 KB)

It is because I updated all SPECs on github but I haven’t finished to build packages on ABF yet.

@TPG I got an issue with %rename macro in building packages on cooker. Maybe it is only an extra space, please could you take a look at this?


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@tpg it works , thanks. However the behaviour of %rename macro is not intuitive:

$ rpm --eval "%rename"

Obsoletes:	%{1} <  
Provides:	%{1} = 

It is like it takes only one argument:

$ rpm --eval "%rename foo"

Obsoletes:	foo <  
Provides:	foo = 

instead it can take two:

$ rpm --eval "%rename foo bar"

Obsoletes:	foo < bar 
Provides:	foo = bar

so without the = it may work (not tested). :thinking:.

%rename macro just uses %{EVRD} from spec file.
For example
Name: foo
Epoch: 2
Version: 1
Release: 0.1
%rename bar

Above %rename will produce:
Obsoletes: bar < 2:1-0.1
Provides: bar = 2:1-0.1

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MATE 1.18.x is in official repo now.