LXQT does not work after upgrade

Thanks I did it but there is one small problem.
I have both KDE plasma and LXQT. After upgrade on lxqt pulpit i can move icons from place to place.
Screen is going to black for a moment and icons is returned to prevoius palce. I uninstalled lxqt nad removed from .config .cache lxqt settings and installed again but it did not resolve the problem.
There is no information about that bug in lxqt site.

I cant also change looks in lxqt

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Welcome @constantius24. What I write is “as I understand things at this moment” not any official statement or announcement.

Bad New first: The OM Lx 4.1 release so far is a one desktop release > KDE/Plasma. However in my very prejudiced opinion it is an excellent release.

Here’s why: The reason for only one “official” desktop at this time is continuing work on system and tool-chain packages at the heart of everyone’s operating system. The people needed to do work on LXQt are the same ones that do the work on system and tool-chain packages. Two in particular got very complicated, and time consuming java (we are now on java-13) and python (we are now on python3.8). There is also a ton of work that has been done to eliminate redundant scripts and patches, software that is abandoned upstream and to improve and make more “sane” patches and scripts that are necessary. The goal being to build a very rock solid foundation for development for years going forward. Also our developers are trying to do this in a way that gives more flexability for development in other directions like different architectures, platforms, ect.

Now for The Great News: @AngryPenguin has done a lot of work to make other desktops available. From memory these include Mate, Cinnamon, XFCE and others. And it is my understanding that some contributors will be making install-able ISO spins of LXQt, XFCE, Cinnamon, and Mate soonish. As I understand these will be community spins but OM devs will have a hand in these projects. A lot of distros do something similar but Y’all already know that. To my knowledge LXQt is going to need some work before we see a LXQt ISO. This should not take to long, it looks like mostly rebuilding packages to update dependencies.

Post-edit: Users can help @AngryPenguin and other developers in these efforts by simply reporting problems. Or if you wish to be even more awesome pick a favorite desktop (or 2) and help developers with testing.

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