Lutris package "wine-mono"


Lutris v0.5.12 tells me, for one game I would like to install, I have to install the package “wine-mono”. It states it would be best to use the distribution’s repository package, if existing.

I cannot find such a package via ROME 23.03’s dnfdragora or Discovery, though dozens of other ‘mono’ packages. (Online I found a download spot**, but have not been successful in installing it yet.)

My question(s) to the community: Does a specific OMLx “wine-mono” package exist? Maybe there is one in another OMLx repository or it just has a diverging name?

** = Index of /wine/wine-mono/8.0.0

(Lutris/Wine also provides an install option for wine-mono, but the following procedure always fails here – an other story.)

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The first thing when a new user is looking for something is to look in the documentation for the Linux distro they are using. OpenMandriva wiki and Forum Resources guide.

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No. According to this wine-mono is available at the official WineHQ site.

Just because something is written for Ubuntu, Fedora, or other Linux distro does not mean it can not be applied to OMLx. If user finds something written for another distro but you have some doubt ask at OpenMandriva Chat.

Note: In this post I am simply reporting what I found with an Internet search. I do not use Wine and have not tested this. Testing this or anything regarding Wine I leave to folks that actually use Wine.

@Tachyonenstrahl this is the documentation for Wine. It includes an “Installation and Configuration” guide and a “User” guide. Those should prove enlightening. Also the “man pages” or manual pages will have a lot of useful info if you get stuck on something.

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