Login after re-installing root partition only

Hi all.
Recently I re-installed OM 4.1 by overwriting root partition only and I used the same credentials of my previous account.
Now Konsole shows a generic “bash-5.0$” instead of my login name and all aliases seem to be lost. Instead, root works fine.
What can I do to get all shell features back for my user account?
Any suggestions are welcome. I don’t want to mess my system up (more than what I’ve done so far).

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What does this mean? You formatted the / partition first right?

When installing from DVD I just selected to substitute the root partition and keep my home unchanged. I believe the system formatted the old root and installed OM from scratch.
I used the same login and password I had before, but I changed the computer name.
Now I do not see my user name in konsole; I just see “bash-5.0$” and my locale settings are not working. After “su root” I get:
"bash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (sc_IT.UTF-8): No such file or directory
bash: warning: setlocale: LC_MESSAGES: cannot change locale (sc_IT.UTF-8): No such file or directory
I do not think something went wrong during the installation process, but I do not how to fix this little issue.
Should I create a new user and remove the old one in some way?

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I think it’s easier if I’ll try and re-install from scratch. Maybe I messed up something.
I’ll let you know.

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Keep the computer name the same or that will confuse things. If you are going to reuse a /home partition you have configuration files in that partition. So you need to keep everything the same, login, password, and computer name. You can change password after installation in you need to. I believe you could also change computer name after installation by changing hostname.

And don’t guess about formatting / you want that formatted tor every installation attempt.

It sounds like the problems you have could be fixed but I’m not smart enough to say how. Were it me I would do a fresh install just to be sure I had all bases covered.

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at last I did as you suggested. I backed up all my data an installed OM from scratch, included home partition.
Now my system is almost like before. I still need to fix a couple of things:

  • lack of dual boot. OM bootloader is not able to recognize and boot my Windows partition anymore. Is this due to uefi bios or something else?
  • lack of permission for running my scanner as a user. Actually it works with root permission only. I found a solution time ago, but I can’t remember what it was.
    ‘lsusb’ returns (between others):
    Bus 001 Device 007: ID 07b3:040b Plustek, Inc. 600DPI USB Scanner
    but ‘sane-find-scanner’ returns:
    could not open USB device 0x07b3/0x040b at 001:007: Access denied (insufficient permissions)
    I tried to put chmod o+rw /dev/bus/usb/001/007 in /etc/rc.d/rc.local, but nothing changed.
    Is there a way to give permanent RW permissions to that usb device?
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We don’t see users complaining about Windows not being recognized. I can’t diagnose problems without information. But the first thing to do would be to simply run “os-prober” and see what it says. If “os-prober” sees Windows then run “update-grub2”. Sometimes other systems are not recognized during install and then after install they are.

Helpful hint for all users: For file permissions and a whole lot of other questions users need to learn to do internet search and find out for yourselves. It took 30 seconds to find these two articles:



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