Libreoffice 5.4.3-2 hangs

On updated Lx 3, LibreOffice Calc often hangs for some time and then reports “timeout waiting for threadpool tasks” error. Clicking this error, the program closes itself.

Yeap, there are several issues since the last update of LO.
Personally, I’m using the packages provided by because I really have to use it …

Similar but not same issue > bug report. Feel free to follow, or weigh in on that report. Technically I should ask for a new bug report but in this instance that is up to your discretion. In report # 2259 it seems obvious there are multiple symptoms in play from some underlying gremlins.

I saw. The question is: who is able to fix it?

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It works after today’s update.
journalctl --since=2018-01-25
led 25 09:29:01 localhost.localdomain drakrpm-update[6858]: [RPM] libreoffice-writer-5.4.4-2-omv2015.0.x86_64 installed

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Good news

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