Latest OM Lx Rolling ISO's (2021-02-03)

Before installing and using OM Lx Rolling read this and Release Notes. Also be aware of the Errata.

These ISO’s are using the Rolling repositories and represent what will become OM Lx 4.2. Do not mix repositories from different branches. If you are using OM Lx Rolling all repos should be Rolling. Do not use Cooker, Rock, or Release repositories for your OM Lx Rolling system.

Remember we recommend to update your OM Lx Rolling system in Konsole (terminal) like this:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf distro-sync

We strongly recommend that you do not use Discover or dnfdragora to upgrade your Rolling system.

OK now for the fun part. Here are the ISO links:

OM Lx Rolling x86_64 ISO

OM Lx Rolling znver1 ISO

For your information.

There is a catch all bug report for bugs we would like to fix before releasing Lx 4.2:

QA: Bugs to be fixed for 4.2

There is also a reported issue for hplip-gui. Developers report this to be fixed and packages are IN_PROGRESS for Rolling. As always the packages are first published to a testing repo. Will update here when those packages are ready.

Edited 2021-02-03: To add some important content.