Krita needs rebuild

Hello. I recently found out that Krita 5.0.2-4 in OpenMandriva 4.3 & Cooker crashes in certain conditions. For instance, switch to the layer/selection transform tool and try to resize the layer using any of the side nodes. Krita will immidiately crash with the following output to the console:
krita: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: cblas_dcopy
I suggest that some package maybe wasn’t included into the build dependencies list (was it lib64blas-devel?). Anyway, I’ll be very glad if the above problem will be fixed.

Also, I installed the SRPM of Krita and then tried to do the following on my local machine:

sudo dnf builddep krita
rpmbuild -ba $HOME/rpmbuild/SPECS/krita.spec

And I noticed that a lot of optional dependencies were not included:

-- The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:

 * WebP (required version >= 1.2.0), <>
   Required by the WebP plugin
 * KSeExpr (required version >=, <>
   Required by the SeExpr generator layer
 * HEIF (required version >= 1.10.0), Library for loading and saving heif files., <>
   Required by the Krita HEIF filter
 * LibMyPaint, MyPaint brush engine API for C/C++
   Required for the mypaint brush engine

It would be nice to max out Krita capabilities by including those optional packages.

Thanks for reporting the issues.

Any volunteers? Community distro.

Sure it is. Maybe someday I’ll produce my own package in ABF, but right now I’m trying to build it locally.

FWIW: You can build packages locally using abf with the abb build command. I do not have time to detail the instructions for this at the moment but you could ask on IRC. This is actually easy once you get all the necessary packages installed.

Thanks Ben!