KNewStuff-5.36.0-1 missing configuration files for foo.knsrc files

Bug 2205 is a very public issue that new users will see. This really needs to be fixed. I believe it is fixed upstream.

Bug report here.

Actually I’m damn near positive this is fixed upstream.

Edit: Don’t know if fix is here.

I’ve fixed this now Ben pulled a revision from a later version. The code from a previous patch was faulty so a maintainer revrted part of it.

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Thanks, this is indeed fixed.

Please let’s have some votes for it on kahinah

It’s voted up and away!

Question about Kahinah, how many voters are there? I’m aware of only 3 You, Chris Tanner, and me.

There were others and I think we should invite some others; mandian for example.

Yes we should.