Kernel files restoration


Every time I blacklist nouveau video driver editing

the nouveau’s driver directory at


is erased!

Why? Is there another way to recover nouveau’s drivers at kernel’s directories than reinstalling kernel with

urpmi --replacepkgs --replacefiles kernel-4.x.x




I never heard of files getting deleted when blacklisted…

Anyway, if files are really vanishing the following is a pretty obvious workaround but maybe it will make your life easier until you get official support from devs:

Install kernel 4.x.y.z
tar cfz /somewhere/4.x.y.z-drm.tgz /lib/modules/4.x.y.z/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm /boot/your-4.x.y.z-initrd.img

Then if you decide you need to restore just do
# tar xf /somewhre/4.x.y.z-drm.tgz -C /
# depmod 4.x.y.z


It can be reproduced easily. For a test, I edit /etc/default/grub to insert at the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT,


then did

# update-grub2

reboot the machine and the corresponding directory for radeon was erased from,


Thanks for your suggestion Lauro4, but I prefer to recover with

urpmi --replacepkgs --replacefiles