Kernel 4.19.3-desktop-2omv don't compile nvidia


OMV LX 3.03

New, old, problem. New kernel 4.19.3-desktop-2omv no nvidia drivers support.

Yes, that is it, just to report. Maybe solution depends on kernel developers or nvidia support …


  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):
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I’ll pass this on. I don’t have a best solution to this problem myself, just an awareness that we currently don’t do this very consistently or well. In fact I saw these kernel packages in testing repo, tested them myself, and moved them to updates repo myself without ever thinking about this. But I don’t have nvidia hardware so it is easy for me to forget this aspect.

I’ve asked before and will again for us to come up with some kind of “system” or organization to seeing to it the tool-chain and kernel module packages that are kernel version specific like nvidia get dealt with consistently. I don’t expect nvidia packages to be available as soon as we release a new kernel package but would like to see these available on a timely basis without people with nvidia hardware having to ask every time.

See here.

Please provide dkms logs

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have upgraded and built nvidia-current (415) nvidia340 and nvidia304 successfully now with 4.19, please let me know if that sorts it.


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Yes, I confirm nvidia 415 compiled just fine with kernel 4.19. Thanks


I think you might not find dkms logs for the old nvidia interesting any longer since new nvidia 415 is working fine but, just in case, here is it,
dkms_make.log.txt (16,4 KB)

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VGA card = nVidia Geforce GTX 470
nVidia kernel module = nvidia-long-lived 390.87
Kernel = 4.19.3

Building the module with dkms, no problem.
Installing the module with dkms, problem.
It isn’t installed in the right folder.

After reboot, I have to go back in ‘konsole’ mode.
Uninstall the module with dkms, and than install the module with dkms.

Reboot, and now it is fine.

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I have not boot with Nvidia 415 yet. Building was fine…I’ll report asap

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Thanks @crisb for building these so quickly.

@MauRice thanks for reporting and confirming. If you have logs showing the first dkms module install that would show where they were installed and be a big help to developers. It is much easier for devs to fix things like this if they have logs showing the problem.

@adelson.oliveira if you could confirm (with the dkms logs) whether the modules are being installed in the correct folder or not that would be a big help to QA. If there is a problem I’m sure we can get @crisb to fix.

Ok, as soon as possible …

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OK, but I don’t really mean to interrupt your work flow, just when it’s right for you to do.


In the log files no mention of installing the kernel module.
I thinks dkms forget it to install it proper.
I started update with lernel 4.17.11 …
DKMS build the nVidia module 390.87 for both kernels.
But only installed for the 4.17.11 kernel.


4.17.11-make.log.txt (209.2 KB)
4.19.3-make.log.txt (20.1 KB)

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I could test new kernel against bbswitch and nvidia in a dual graphics laptop. This laptop doesn’t have nvidia as its main graphic card. To check for nvidia functioning I have to have bbswitch working.
I confirm that building bbswitch and nvidia went fine although a warning was issue on “diretory or file not found”. I also confirm that some nvidia modules were not put on the kernel’s tree and I also don’t know if they were sent elsewhere.

What I think it should had happened:

Building process should generate
nvidia-drm.ko nvidia-long-lived.ko nvidia-modeset.ko nvidia-uvm.ko
from their source versions, and move these modules to the directory

But, instead, these modules are found in a gzipped form at
and have not been moved to the kernel tree.

The same happened to bbswitch and I could not use optirun to test nvidia after manually placing the nvidia and bbswitch modules where they are supposed to be.

An attempt to use dkms to build bbswitch anyway yielded:
# dkms remove bbswitch/0.8.6 --all
Error! There are no instances of module: bbswitch
0.8.6 located in the DKMS tree.

#     dkms install -m bbswitch -v 0.8.6
    Error! Could not find module source directory.
    Directory: /usr/src/bbswitch-0.8.6 does not exist.

In above, I think building process should look at
for the bbswitch.c source file…

Here are corresponding logs:
bbswitch.make.log.txt (558 Bytes)
nvidia_390.87_make.log.txt (20,1 KB)

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issue is that you’re installing incorrectly, for bbswitch the module version is 0.8-6 not 0.8.6

for me doing:

sudo dkms install -m bbswitch -v 0.8-6 -k 4.19.3-desktop-2omv
sudo dkms install -m nvidia-long-lived -v 390.87-1 -k 4.19.3-desktop-2omv

results in the modules being installed correctly. the modules should also be built the first time you boot with the new kernel.

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Yes, sorry for this mistake, everything works fine with bbswitch 0.86-6 and nvidia 390.87-1 after dkms install.

As Maurice said, during kernel installation nvidia and bbswitch modules did not appeared at proper places. Only after manually installing with dkms install things went fine.


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