Just joined this community!

Hello! I just wanted to say I just installed this distro since I got kinda tired of trying to set up my wifi on Mageia, and this actually works with my wifi adapter! I can’t wait to see the new update already! Just curious though, when 4.0 comes out, do I have to reinstall it on my computer?


glad to hear things are working! We usually recommend reinstalling on a new release, but it shouldn’t be necessary, some developers update to cooker all the time and never reinstall. It may require a few tweaks here and there (pointing dnf at the 4.0 repositories instead of cooker, unless you want to get updates meant for 4.1 VERY early), but if you’re comfortable editing a few config files manually, you’ll be ok.

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Ah okay, I’m actually reinstalling since I think something happened to make steam not install properly (I tried reinstalling steam and that didn’t help)

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@Kiwi Welcome to Openmandriva, good to hear things going well so far. We do hope you enjoy the experience.

About upgrading are you don’t say what version you installed? Probably either Lx 3.03 or Lx 4.0 Alpha?

I’m using Lx 3.03 since 4.0 is in alpha still. Maybe when it reaches beta I’ll use it.

Also, is Flatpak broken for y’all? when I try to add the flathub repo I get Illegal instruction (core dumped)

If I good remember flatpak working fine for lx3 but yesterday I came across the same issue as your in cooker.
I will create a bug report.

Okay, thank you! If I knew how to file a bug report, I would make it lol

If you want, you can report your first bug in openmandriva :slight_smile:
You can create bug report here: https://issues.openmandriva.org/

We can help with that. If you choose or need to file a bug report start with reading this which probably has more than enough information for a user to file a decent report. And don’t worry about it being perfect whoever responds will ask for anything they need just tell 'em you’re a bug report noob. Also extremely helpful for out developers to know what they are dealing with is this.

Above all don’t stress about it just do it and realize you are learning as you go. We all are.