It seems to be an old problem


OMV LX 3.03

KDE 5.48

Upon updating firefox ->61 and thunderbird -> 60 I got this in only one of my computers:

Error in file "/usr/share/applications/org.kde.kfontview.desktop": "font/otf" is an invalid MIME type ("font" is an unregistered media type)

The other computer doesn’t have thunderbird and issued no error message.

There are some reports on this here,
and here,
1541225 – unknown media type messages and others received during upgrade

Is this a problem?

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Personally, I do not have this issue but from what I see from this 1541225 fedora bug it is fixed by this patch:

So I think it would be possible to import this patch into openmandriva.

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I wonder if @crisb knows anything about this? He is usually the person that builds these packages. FWIW I have not seen this yet but I haven’t tried these on every computer here yet either.

And thanks @crisb for building these packages, much appreciated in this corner.

it’s unrelated to thunderbird/firefox.

its just caused by running update-desktop-database which does some validation on the .desktop files and found this issue. so it does not cause a problem.

i’ve patched desktop-file-utils to recognise the mime type in question which will stop this from happening in future.

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