Issue/bug tracking system

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(Raphaël) #63

That’s really awesome material thanks @ben79

I’ll be quite busy today but will be able to continue discussion very soon.

(Ben Bullard) #64

I’m busy also. Election day in US for one and some other stuff going on this week and next. So we’ll get done what we can and someday we’ll both have time to do more.


(Ben Bullard) #65

I believe it was @rugyada that suggested we table this effort until at least OM Lx 4 Alpha is released as there is a lot of work to do on that. I’m in agreement on that. I keep meaning to get back to this and things keep coming up.

(Ben Bullard) #66

There is a category of bugs that I would like to see if we can find a better way to support. These typically involve laptop/notebook users with some functions not working but are not exclusive to only laptop/notebooks. Another example is some of the less common graphics hardware. These bugs are difficult or impossible for our developers to resolve partly because we have no way to reproduce the problem. I don’t have any answer for these at this time myself but we could use some ideas and creative thinking on this.

Some laptop examples:

Touchpad not working on a Lenovo 320 14"

Display brightness not working on a Lenovo 320 14"

There are others and probably sometimes similar issues on desktops as well.

A recent example of the graphics type of issue. This one was solved but might never have been if on of our own @AngryPenguin didn’t have the bug and the hardware to test on, and, this is important, @AngryPenguin was very persistent in seeing to it that the issue was not forgotten.

Cooker ISO does not boot on r600 with old CPU

The best thought I’ve had is we attempt to get people with such bugs to go on IRC and engage directly with our devs. And they would need to wait until someone has time to work on their issue but at the same time be polite but persistent about their issue not being forgotten.

It is perfectly OK in my opinion for us to suggest to users how they can help us better to help them with their issue. Anyone with ideas on this let us know because that is the kind of thing I want to get in our “Support” documentation.