Installing OpenMandriva To A Secondary HDD

i’m lookin g to install openmandrive lx 4.0 to finally give it a run. currently i have kde neon and kubuntu installed on my ssd. i have plenty of space i can free up on a internal hdd. what i want to know is where oml will place it;s boot files. i’m hoping they be placed in the boot partition on the sdd just like the other two os’s are. i’ve included a video below to give you an idea pf my setup. all drives are gpt / efi. while i’m thinking about it i would be resize the hdd to free up 120 gigs at the beginning of it for oml. thanks

Install Location

You seem to be referring to a EFI boot install. In that case the answer is yes you would use the same /boot/efi partition. To do this in Calamares you need to use Manual Partitioning. Simply select to “keep” the existing and set the mount point to ‘/boot/efi’. As I recall that should do it.

After installation you will then be using the new OpenMandriva grub2 menu. If you wish to use another OS’s boot loader you can change that in your computers BIOS or in Konsole as root with command ‘efibootmgr’.

Hope this answers your question.

ok thanks thought it was pretty much that straight forward. much appreciated.

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o.k ended up baking out of the install. the reason is that from past experience if i choose keep existing it will resize the partitions on the ssd making room for oml, but if i do manual it wants a boot partition on the hdd i plan to put it on. wouldn’t that mean bringing up the boot selection menu every time to select which i want to boot cause of having 2 separate boot partitions 1 on each drive? if i’m missing something sorry. all i want is the main drive boot partition/32 bit, os partiotion/ext4, os partition/ext4. the hdd that i’ve already freed 120 gigs up for oml os partition/ext4, data partition/ ext4. thanks

You should be able to use existing /boot/efi partition on one drive and install / partition on another drive. For /boot/efi simply locate it and select “keep”.

The very first thing anyone should do if they are having problems with Calamare installer is to run it from Konsole with this command:

$ pkexec calamares -d

When install is either finished or gets to an error and quits you want to copy and paste everything including the command you used to a .txt file and post that here for developers. Also if Calamares produces any error messages take a screen shot and post that here as well. This removes a lot of confusion for other people trying to figure out a users problem.

Post-edit: And for @mrgrimm’s problem post any screen shot you can think of that demonstrates your problem trying to install to a secondary HD. For problem solving we need either to be able to reproduce the problem ourselves or or we need evidence in the form of logs, Konsole output, screen shots, and so forth.

after some thought on this i think i’m doing what i know will work even though it means one extra step during boot that i didn’t want. i’m simply disconnecting all drives except for the one i want oml on, and during install selecting run along side or keep existing. i know to boot to it i’ll have to bring up the boot selection menu, but i can live with that.

Oh, I was hoping you would test for us the ability of installing with /boot/efi on one drive and / on another drive. We need to get some testing if this doesdoes not work.

if the hdd were completely i’d be willing to try, but since it’s not i’m not comfortable with the other methods, i don’t have the space to dump the files on the later half of that drive anywhere else. bit late in the day to be tempting this, so first thing tomorrow i’ll install my way. thanks though, the suggestions are much appreciated.

No worries and I hope all goes well for you with OM and with Life. :smile:

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