Installing OMLx with F2FS


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With current Cooker or ROME ISOs installing with f2fs results in “bootloader fails to install”.

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The workaround presented should work with any of the 4 recommended fs types should user encounter an issue. Those 4 are the OM default ext4, btrfs, f2fs, and xfs. ext4 is the default because it is thought to be the most reliable, least likely to fail fs type. Using any other fs than one of these would be unwise.

Basically should user experience a “bootloader fails to install” error with any non ext4 fs type then one may try this easy work around that uses “Manual Partitioning”. Simply we are going to create a separate /boot partition with ext4.

I did a test in VirtualBox like this:

In my test I use a 100 MB /boot/efi fat32 partition, this is optional and up to user.

You can ignore this error message and click OK:


I used ROME iso # 1403 simply because I already had it downloaded. This should work on any cooker, rome, or rock iso.

This suggestion came from project leader @bero. He suggested that 256 MB would be enough. To be safe I doubled this to 512 MB. So something in that range should be enough without being to much.

Edit: In my recent testing installing Cooker or ROME ISOs works fine with ext4, btrfs, and xfs. This workaround should only be needed for f2fs at this time. I think all 4 worked with Rock/4.3 ISOs. But that is based on my memory.

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This is relevant to this bug report.