Installing nvidia proprietary drivers in ROME


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    OpenMandriva does have proprietary drivers nvidia (525.60) and nvidia-legacy (470.161). These packages work with kernel version 6.1.1. At this time they will not install if a newer kernel version is installed on the system. (This has been reported to OM developers.) If you try to install these and see something like this:

 Problem: problem with installed package kernel-desktop-6.1.2-1.x86_64
  - package nvidia-kmod-desktop-525.60.11-3_6.1.1_1.x86_64 conflicts with kernel-desktop > 6.1.1-1 provided by kernel-desktop-6.1.2-1.x86_64
  - package nvidia-525.60.11-3.x86_64 requires nvidia-kmod-desktop = 525.60.11, but none of the providers can be installed
  - conflicting requests

Then you need to boot in to kernel 6.1.1, remove any newer kernel, and then the nvidia or nvidia-legacy drivers should install.

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If you have nVidia hardware and have not installed these proprietary drivers and everything is working for you then do nothing. You are using the open source nouveau driver. If that works that’s great, use it. Opensource makes the world a better place for humans.

Why then is the newer kernel available as an upgrade? OpenMandriva policy has always been we do not delay a new kernel for all users because proprietary software is not available yet. OM devs and contributors are working on getting nvidia and nvidia-legacy ready to use with newer kernel version.

Edit: There is more info about nVidia proprietary drivers in ROME Errata.

Remember that nVidia proprietary drivers are not just closed source. If we even try to read the code they will send terminators. Or worse lawyers.

If user has an issue with the graphic performance of nvidia proprietary drivers OpenMandriva can not do anything about that. The people to contact are at the nVidia developers linux forum. OpenMandriva can only deal with issues related to packaging of this 3rd party software and whether it does/does not install.


Won’t you have to toss the kernel and kernel modules on a ignore list for updates till the issue is resolved so the system doesn’t attempt to install newer kernels in the mean time? current is 6.1.4.

You can and it may be a good idea. Assuming you are using kernel-desktop and nvidia. To do that you would edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf and add the line exclude=kernel-desktop*, nvidia*. Then when you want to upgrade those you would comment out that line for that upgrade. I think that should work. I do not have nvidia hardware for testing.

Edit: Fixed typo.

I assume kernel-desktop is the default kernel that’s installed?

Yes, for ROME it is.

Users of nVidia proprietary drivers need to read this.