Install on ZFS root


I’m new to OpenMandriva (but former Mandrake/Mandriva user). I was wondering if it was possible to install OpenMandriva with a ZFS root filesystem ?

no one ? i’m interested too !

I’d like to give an answer but I’m currently traveling for several days and I haven’t enough elements without my laptop.

I’m traveling myself and don’t have normal resources. What would be advantages of zfs file system?

I don’t see zfs in Kde Partition Manager so that probably means not. Have you tried the Live .iso? If not then do and look in partitioner and installer and see if you find it.

Sorry to say that, but out kernel does not support ZFS filesystem, due to various reasons (mostly ZFS license is not compatible with GPL).

I think the license should not be an issue, the zfs and spl modules can be shipped as external modules as other distro are doing

Advantages would all the zfs features like advanced snapshots, inline compression, inline deduplication, easy sharing and backup.

Our ISO ships only FREE and compatible with GPL software.