If you was hacking in windows 10. How to remove footprints, imprint

If you was hacking in windows 10. Against police.

      • + need to off surveillance from microsoft before hacking and removing foorprints, imprint.

+ Trojan- VPN in process of web-browser

Computers=United States of America

I`m from Russian Federation

All good programmers, hackers and crackers are from United States of America
For example, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Asus, NVidia, Atari, EA, Steam.
Linux (exception Kali Linux) for lamers.(As I am) Windows for professionals.
Linux Towald (founder Linux OS) from Europe.
Proof: command line of Linux OS is tram.
Linux so that the Europeans do not enrich the United States of America

Mein Kampf.

(Android=GNU GPL) is our pride !!!

But on my switch written made in Shenzhen, China. +:)

ethics so: I made flash drive with OpenMandriva 4.2 from license Windows 10 Pro bought from Hackers for 4 US $. (license key) For example 2VM7J-N84Y2-MTFTD-KFGJ8-6MT6T

fb.com/marat.ousmanov earn meal by foto. He can earn meal only by copyright foto.