I have arrived (and I come in peace)

(John Cave) #1

Yay, Discourse is alive!
First of all, can my email be added to the global admins list @raphael?

Secondly, how about we add a bit more Openmandriva coloring in here? I’ll work on a few CSS tweaks to make the site a little more Lx-ey.

(Raphaël) #2

Hi @john, don’t hesitate to have a look at the admin section, it would really need some better om look. We need however to be sure it fulfils our needs

(Wayne Sallee) #3

Reply. :smile:

Wayne Sallee


Reply from my mail account.

(John Cave) #11

Testing with signature attached to see if it gets deleted or not :slight_smile:

(Raphaël) #12

Well, it seems deleted :smile:

Is there a – symbol before?

(Raphaël) #13

As you can see, it works

(John Cave) #14

Yes indeed. The discourse developers really did think of everything huh?

(Ben Bullard) #15

Hi ho!