I have a lot of files *.socket in root, and you?

since few days i have very much files in root

It seems all fine here.

It seems linked with the use of kdesu and/or mounting my other partitions in dolphin

but not sure

now I’m sure :slight_smile:

each time I use kdesu I have 2 or 3 files more, like


I think they should be created in /tmp/ksocket-root/

try in 2014.2

I think that also.

you confirm what I said , you have the same behaviour ?

I can confirm that with the last update:


I get a new socket each time I launch kdesu dolphin in a new session. The old ones are not deleted.

With my previous update:


I got only one socket in the root.

merci Jean claude

(https://issues.openmandriva.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1641) you can add your search results :slight_smile: