How to remove unused locales In OM Lx 4

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(Ben Bullard) #1

So you just installed OM Lx 4 and you’re wanting to run ‘OM-Welcome>Configure>Remove Unused Packages’ to remove mostly unused locales and a handful of unused hardware packages. (You could in Lx 3 also run this from cli as ‘remove-unused-packages’.)

Well you can’t because we don’t have it in Lx 4. So if you want to remove the unused locales this should do it for English only users:

# dnf remove locales-da locales-af locales-ko locales-zh locales-pl locales-id locales-uk locales-es locales-he locales-ja locales-ru locales-de locales-ar locales-it locales-hu locales-nl locales-pt locales-fr locales-tr locales-no locales-hi locales-ro locales-cs

for those of you better educated than me language wise just remove from that list all the other languages you wish to keep. (And be thankful that your country does a better job of educating people about languages than my country does.)

After running that you should still have:

# rpm -qa | grep locales

Plus any others you removed from the list to keep.

Post-edit: Users that don’t use British English may also want to:

# dnf remove myspell-en_GB libreoffice-l10n-en_GB firefox-en_GB

Post-edit: The above commands are already pretty thoroughly tested. I’ve done them 10 or more times so far with Cooker/Lx4 installs in VBox and on hardware.


What happened to the OM Welcome => remove unused packages?

(Ben Bullard) #3

That is the ‘remove-unused-packages’ I’m talking about. So far it has not been rewritten for dnf for Lx 4 release. Don’t know if it will. I hope so though.

Maybe someone should file a ‘Package/feature request’ bug report.

(Ben Bullard) #4

Thanks @adelson.oliveira for pointing this out, I edited my initial post to include this.

(rugyada) #5

Besides them, you’ll find some leftovers which won’t be removed:
libreoffice-l10n-en_GB myspell-en_GB firefox-en_GB libreoffice-help-en_GB
In particular firefox-en_GB often is problematic for ff update.

(Ben Bullard) #6

Yes I do normally remove those as well. Edited 1st post to include. Main goal here is just to have quick copy and paste commands for users and especially testers to do this since our beloved ‘remove-unused-packages’ seems a goner.

(rugyada) #7

# dnf remove libreoffice-l10n-en_GB myspell-en_GB firefox-en_GB libreoffice-help-en_GB

(4 packages :wink: )

(Ben Bullard) #8

The fourth package does get removed auto-magically as a dependency with my command.

Post-edit: I’ve already used this command at least 10 times with Cooker and dnf. It goes way back to beginning of LX 3 and was used there with urpme.