How to make polls?

  • option A
  • option B

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(rugyada) #3

Hey this is a reply to the whisper :slight_smile:

(Raphaël) #4
  • Hello
  • Ciao
  • Coucou

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(Raphaël) #5

Polls seems to have a problem, I’ll investigate, Even a new poll is not usable

(rugyada) #6

Thanks. Good that it’s been discovered soon then :wink:

(Raphaël) #7

Good that you discovered it :slight_smile:

(Raphaël) #8

Please, I need a dummy reply for test :slight_smile:

(rugyada) #9

Dummy reply for test :slight_smile:

(Raphaël) #10

Thank you :slight_smile: this is for sorting issues with replies from some email clients badly parsed, iirc @luca also face the issue with some client.