How to get printer Dell C1765nfw and USB floppy drive to work on LX 4.2

after a break of 15 years from using Mandriva, I thought I would try again with LX 4.2 rock using the default plasma environment.

There are just 2 hardware issues I couldn’t figure out:

How to get the wifi printer DELL C165nfw installed
AND: How to make my TEAC Floppy Drive that is connected via a USB interface card to stop constantly non-stop trying to probe for disks.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Welcome @Nafcom.

All I would know is what is in the Errata for Lx 4.2.

If you find out what works for the Dell tell us and we can add it to the Errata section.

AND: How to make my TEAC Floppy Drive that is connected via a USB interface card to stop constantly non-stop trying to probe for disks.

Floppy drive? Uh, OK. For this I would suggest you go on IRC and ask a developer. You can also access IRC via #openmandriva @ Freenode IRC. The developer channes is #openmandriva-cooker.

OpenMandriva is designed to be a Community distribution of Linux. OpenMandriva is a small group of all volunteer, part-time, and unpaid contributors. Things get done when someone in the OM Community volunteers and does it. When people are helping you they are donating their time, knowledge and skill to you. If you want something done join the Community and do something to make it happen.

Hi there, thanks for your reply.

Well, if I find out how to get the printer working I would certainly let you know :slight_smile:

As for the USB floppy: Isn’t there a way to just disable the USB Port on which the drive is attached to? I don’t really need the drive unter Linux. Knowing how to disable the USB Port would be good enough for me already :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers

This is an item for an internet search. I searched this “Linux how to disable a USB port?” on StartPage and came up with this. You might find something better but that looks like it would fit your needs if works. If it does not work and you don’t find a better answer by all means keep asking. If we need to we can ask OM developers.

In that example remember to replace the X in usbX with your device #.

Edit: I will look around for info on Dell printers when I have some time. Would like to have this in our Errata notes if possible.


I was hoping there would be some official way like some sort of device manager where you could do it. I know old Mandrake had it, but if you refer to an internet search, guess the answer is “no, there isn’t”

Thanks bunches anyway!

Depends on which problem you refer to. For printing there are multiple devices. I prefer kcm_printer_manager which is the module in SystemSettings5. There is also the age old system-config-printer. However OM devs do not install all the printer drivers by default so the user needs to do that. That is mainly what the post in the OM Lx 4.2 Errata is about. To install "most’ available drivers I thinks is still:

$ sudo dnf install task-printing

But I think your printer is unique and needs a driver for Xerox printers (Xerox Phaser 6000B)? Don’t know yet if that is in our software.

Note: You can ask our developers to package that driver for your printer if it works.

If your are talking about the USB floppy issue the link has simple instructions that would take seconds to do. Whether there is some “device manager” to do that I do not know, maybe there is.

Edit: I deleted my first answer to this as it did not address which problem was being discussed.

Hope this was helpful.

hi there, thanks for the feedback on the printer thing, I downloaded the PDD file out of the RPM ZIP file and it was accepted but there is a cups error now “missing a printer filter” . So no gold here yet.

If you however find something out about it, please let me know.

thanks and cheers!

Hi there. By pure luck, I found the answer for the floppy issue today and thought I would update my own question post with the solution:

While searching for a way how to read SMART data from disks, I came across this article: How to Test SSD/HDD Health in Linux

Its suggested GUI tool “Gnome Disks” has a button on top called “Power Off”.


I made some progress with the printer driver issue, I found out today there is a working printer driver available now via OpenPrinting, however it requires the Ghostscript Printer Application which only seems to be available as a snapd install package: Driver: foo2hbpl2 | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

Googling further, I found snapd is not supported by OpenMandriva and I found no way to get it working anyway, any way around that?

Thanks in advance bunches!

Hi @Nafcom
you may try with the provided package

sudo dnf install cups-drivers-foo2hbpl