How to connect smartphone to OM Lx 3?

I don’t know enough about this. If I attach a Samsung Galaxy S4 to OM Lx 3 it shows as a camera. Is that what is supposed to happen? What other reason would one need to attach a smart phone to a desktop computer?

$ rpm -qa | grep mtp

As far as I know KDE Connect is enabled but it doesn’t show up there. There is KDE Connect App installed on phone. How is KDE Connect supposed to work and what can It do for me?

This is a fully update OM Lx 3 x86_64 system. Phone is Android version 4.3. Wonder if there may be an update for that?

Edit: On phone Software Updates shows all updates installed.

I don’t exactly know how KDE Connect works but is seems it is something interacting with the phone rather than a way just to see files on the internal memory. However your firewall may play a role in it:

As far as I remember, there is a place in androids where one defines how the device USB connection will be “handled”:

1 - MTP -> changing media files etc
2 - PTP -> connect as a camera for photos, etc.

In my android, I can find this with the search engine typing mtp. I have already choose MTP a couple of years ago and I can exchange files with my OMV LX 3.0.

Thanks for replies mandian and adelson.oliveira. I figured out how to get it to connect and pair with KDE Connect. Now I only need to figure out why I would want to. But then I’m older and grew up in a time when phones were telephones and used to talk to other humans.